Get up to 260% cashback when buying diamonds!

Cancri Jewelry

Cancri Jewelry

Cancri Jewelry - the largest company in the jewelry market in Europe and Asia, offers a unique cashback opportunity when buying gold jewelry with diamonds in its own network of jewelry stores in Turkey, Spain, Georgia and in the online store.

It is also possible to purchase a Booking Card (gift certificate) online in your personal account.

Participants from more than 50 countries are already partners of Cancri Jewelry.

The main reason for the company's success is a completely new exclusive marketing plan, developed and carefully calculated in cooperation with European partners.

Thanks to marketing, jewelry of the Cancri Jewelry brand has gained immense popularity among the population, which has led to an increase in turnover, competitiveness, and therefore, a huge profit. This is the profit that makes it possible to reward participants in the Cancri Jewelry business project in the form of a cashback.


Register on the site

Registration is simple and free, like in any online store. Enter your phone number, full name and any password you come up with. You will receive a confirmation code on your phone, which is also needed on the site.

How to buy Cancri Jewelry?


Buy in a store or online store

Buy a piece of jewelry or Booking Card in the Cancri.Jewelry store if it is already open in your city or online in your personal account or in the online store.


Get cashback

You will receive cashback in the amount of up to 260% for purchasing the items in equal parts within 52 weeks (3,5% -5% per week) straightly to the card that you indicate in your account during registration.


Why do you need to become a partner of Cancri Jewelry?

Cancri Jewelry


Real cashback

Cashback for buying jewelry:


- 5% per week or 260% per annum when buying gift cards;

- 3.5% per week or 182% per annum when buying gold jewelry;

- 5% per week or 260% per annum when buying diamond jewelry


Quality products

Today, "Cancri Jewelry" is the standard of the best quality, which has been tested over the years.

The product offered in the stores is jewelry which is made of 585 gold inlaid with diamonds. Manufactured by the world's leading manufacturers in accordance with European standards and confirmed by the availability of certificates.


Reliable contribution

Buying a piece of jewelry from Cancri Jewelry, it remains with you. And you can buy a gift certificate (Booking Card) in the store at any time.

The company cooperates with more than 50 world Brands - manufacturers of luxury jewelry. The network of jewelry stores is actively expanding in Turkey, Spain, France and other countries


Passive income

You receive bonuses from your purchases on the card weekly without your active participation. If you wish, you can share information with people and earn an additional 5% or more of the commission for your recommendation.


Stable payments

Your bonuses come to your card every week throughout the year - exactly 52 weeks in equal parts in accordance with your percentage fixed at the time of purchase.

Cashback comes to your bank card or payment system.


Permanent bonuses and gifts

Due to the enormous rapid growth of the company's popularity among buyers, Cancri Jewelry has the opportunity not only to reward participants in the form of a cashback, but also to thank them for their trust by holding regular promotions and raffles of valuable prizes.

Referral program Cancri Jewelry

Registration is free and takes only a couple of minutes

List of stores and dealerships Cancri Jewelry

Photos from the Cancri Jewelry store opening


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If you are looking for a great deal on jewelry, you can’t go wrong with Cancri Jewellery. Shopping on Cancri.Jewelry means you get great service, you can see what you are buying being handled and shown off before you spend your money, and you always get a great deal. Whether you want you will find what you are looking for on Cancri Jewelry. Read: Cancri Jewelry Reviews


There are a huge number of styles and brands of silver jewelry on Cancry Jewelry. You will certainly be able to find something that suits your style and your wardrobe among the many designers that sell their silver jewelry.


Diamond Jewelry is among the largest retailers of gold jewelry in the world. They have a huge selection of jewelry, both 14K and 18k gold. There are plenty of gold pieces that fit any budget and will still look beautiful.


If you are looking for something with a little more flash, consider buying gemstone jewelry from Cancri Turkey. If you want to save money on jewelry with diamonds in it, there’s Cancri.Jewelry famous Diamonique, which is one of the most well-known simulated gemstones in the world. Other gemstone jewelry from Cancri Jewelry includes amethyst, blue topaz, ruby, sapphire, and more. Elements 5 Jewelry


If you want to find attractive jewelry from the comfort of your own home, try looking in the catalog. They sell gold jewelry, as well as jewelry with gemstones. Simulated gemstones are also available, many of them which look just as beautiful as the real thing. Buying from Cancri Jewelry in Turkey means you’ll save money while still getting beautiful jewelry for a budget price. Cancri has made shopping for jewelry much easier and more fun, as well as making it affordable for anyone to buy beautiful jewelry.


Cancri Jewelry