Cancri Jewelry

Dear clients! From this day on the company has activated the CREDIT LIMIT functionality for absolutely all clients.


* This option automatically appears in your personal account.

For LEADERS - the limit is increased to the amount of the two-week bonus payment.

The CREDIT LIMIT gives the new opportunities for the productive work in the company. You get the maximum  from your team partnership. The functionality is further revealed by the online service Cancri Jewelry. A new option in your account will make shopping from other countries easier.

Instructions on how to use the new CREDIT LIMIT function for successful work are available for each client. You will learn:

 ⁃ how to authenticate in your personal account,

 ⁃ how to form a purchase for another partner.


As an example, we demonstrated a purchase in a personal account for another client. We also went through the entire procedure of two-factor authentication of the transfer.


We wish you all easy, comfortable and successful work!



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Credit Limit Cancri Jewelry

December 18, 2021