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Is it profitable to buy gold and diamond jewelry at Cancri Jewelry? Reviews of the international jewelry stores.

We are sure that you have already heard something about Cancri Jewelry from your friends or seen the jewelry brand ads on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Yes, exactly this company offers a huge cashback to its customers.


In this article, we will answer the questions:


 ⁃ What is the quality of Cancri Jewelry?

 ⁃ How does marketing work and is it possible to make money here?

 ⁃ Where do the funds for increased cashback come from?

 ⁃ Are there real customer and investor reviews?

 ⁃ Who writes negative reviews about Cancri Jewelry and why?


Real reviews about Cancri Jewelry will help you form an unbiased opinion about the brand "Cancri" and buy gold jewelry for maximum benefit.

Cancri Jewelry reviews


Cancri Jewelry is an international jewelry brand with offices in Turkey, Spain and France. Cancri brand has gained its fame not only due to the quality of its products, but also due to a unique marketing strategy with a profitable bonus program. All buyers of gold and diamond jewelry get the increased cashback up to 260% for their purchases. Bonuses are paid in equal amounts to your bank card or electronic payment system 52 times during one year at 3-5% per week.


Yes, this is not a typo, indeed if you buy jewelry at any Cancri Jewelry store, not only do you get back the money you spent, but you also get a cashback that exceeds the value of the item.


Does that sound amazing?


The amount of cashback is very high, and it is a high percentage of cashback that is the main reason for negative feedback from haters, who write reviews in their blogs with the headlines "HYIP, pyramid, scam".


But there are a lot of facts confirming the quality of jewelry and the reputation of an international company:


- When you buy a piece of jewelry from Cancri Jewelry, it stays with you! The fact that you receive a cashback is a nice bonus.


- Cancri Jewelry is not a virtual investment company, but a well-known jewelry retail chain with its own stores in Turkey, France and Spain. Watch the video and reviews from the opening of the Cancri stores, where the stars of show business performed for the guests and partners of the project and luxurious buffets and valuable gifts were offered. And these reviews abound on the Internet. Reviews about Cancri Jewelry from customers confirm that the stores are really working, everyone can visit them, make a purchase and get a cashback.


- The quality of gold and diamond jewelry is confirmed by the certificates and the stamp of the regulatory authorities of the country where these products are sold.

Great conditions for buyers of Cancri Jewelry


Cancri Jewelry offers to make purchases of gold jewelry or gift certificates and then bonuses will be paid to your card or e-wallet.


Below there are the current cashback terms for jewelry purchases in 2021:


- 5% per week or 260% APR on Booking Card purchases;

- 3.5% per week or 182% p.a. on gold jewelry purchases;

- 5% per week or 260% p.a. on diamond jewelry purchases


Cashback percentages may vary, there may be special, more favorable promo terms, which you can find on the official website. There are also regular drawings of valuable gifts for customers: diamond jewelry and trips to exotic countries!


Pay attention to the conditions of gift certificates! The period of validity of a Booking Card is three years. The maximum payment period of cashback - 12 months (54 payments, once a week for 5% of the purchase value). And even if you exchange your certificate for jewelry before the expiration date, you will still continue to receive cashback according to the terms!


How do I buy a piece of jewelry or a certificate from Cancry Jewelry?


As cliché as it sounds, the best way to buy jewelry is at a Cancri Jewelry store, for example, in Istanbul, Barcelona or Paris.


There is a huge number of elite and exclusive models of gold with diamonds in the Cancri stores.


If you don't have a store in your city yet, don't get upset - you can buy a gift certificate through the Cancri Jewelry website and you will also make profit. If you buy a "Booking Card" certificate, you will earn 5% per week, 260% per year. You can redeem your certificate at any store, without any restrictions.


Let us remind you of an interesting feature of the certificates, that they can be exchanged for jewelry in the stores of Cancri Jewelry, and if you change the certificate for the product before the deadline (up to 1 year from the date of purchase), the bonuses will continue to accrue and come to the card according to the schedule. As you can see, the project is very well prepared.

How to register with Cancri Jewelry


The interface of the personal account is very simple and deserves only positive feedback! You shouldn't have any problems with registration and work with the site. To register, click this link. You will open the registration page, where you have to enter your information, attach your phone number, name and password. The password must be confirmed twice and safely saved in order not to lose access to your account in the future.  Then click on the "Confirm" button.


Depositing and Withdrawing Funds Cancri Jewelry


The minimum amount for an online purchase at Cancri Jewelry is currently 100 EUR. Users can make purchases with their bank cards or via Perfect Money, AdvanCach, or cryptocurrency, which is immediately converted to EUR. The first payment of cashback comes in 7 days after the purchase. All payments come once a week. Payment of cash-back is made automatically immediately to a card or an e-wallet specified during registration. You can track your payouts through "My Payouts" in your personal account.

Cancri Jewelry referral program reviews


For active users, there are affiliate rewards from purchases of invited friends. There are a total of 16 affiliate ranks that members will reach with certain amounts of attraction to the project. Depending on what rank you have, the bonus for the first line will be from 5% to 20%.


If your affiliates also reach ranks, you will additionally receive the difference between their rank and yours, indefinitely in depth.


Under the terms of the affiliate program at Cancri Jewelry, profits are credited immediately to your card or payment system.


Who writes negative reviews about Cancri Jewelry and why?


Can I trust online reviews? You should be careful with any reviews, because most of them are written to order: any positive ones by the company's representatives, and negative ones by the company's competitors. You need to read all reviews, find real reviews among them and make your own objective conclusions.


There are many different reviews on the Internet about Cancri Jewelry, reviews are both positive and negative. One thing is certain - the project has already made a lot of noise in Turkey, Spain and France. The project started with a great start in Istanbul, and is actively expanding further in Europe. The jewelry network has a huge support from both ordinary customers and investors. It is impossible not to notice the powerful promotion of Cancri brand both online and offline. The company plans to open representative offices in more than 50 places worldwide.


Negative reviews about Cancri Jewelry are mostly published by the HYIP-bloggers, as this project is popular not only among the lovers of beautiful jewelry, but also among investors and MLM leaders. This is a very large audience of professional HYIP-investors, most of them are interested in promoting their own pyramids and scams, so they write about other people's companies - "HYIP, pyramid, scam".


As a counterbalance to such pseudo-reviews, there are a lot of real videos on the web about the opening of Cancri Jewelry stores in Turkey, Spain, France; about the received bonuses, which are shot by the project participants themselves.


Video review shows that Cancri stores are busy and have many customers, with a large collection of gold and diamond jewelry in storefronts.


As the customers of Cancri Jewelry say, it is a profitable option for additional income. The project seems to be very reliable, because the presence of stores in different countries indicates that the company has passed high international level inspections.


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